VRay Free for 3dsmax  1.09
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VRay Free for 3dsmax  1.09

V-Ray is the rendering engine of choice for architectural visualization artists
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Chaos Group Ltd
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V-Ray for 3ds Max is the core development of Chaos Group, which allows users to quickly and easily create realistic images while giving them full control over the 3D production process.
V-Ray is the rendering engine of choice for architectural visualization artists. Based on a recent CGarchitect Architectural Visualization Industry survey, V-Ray is used by over 70% of the industry.
V-Ray is the solution of choice for many 3D production houses due to its capability to deliver high quality photorealistic images in the shortest time.
V-Ray is widely used in VFX, commercials and animations. It has been used for a wide range of productions ranging from car commercials and game cinematics to shots in blockbusters.
Main Features :
- V-Ray RT and V-Ray RT GPU interactive renderers are included as part of the V-Ray installation.
- VRayCarPaintMtl material with accurate flakes simulation.
- VRayDistanceTex texture that measures distances to arbitrary mesh objects.
- VRayLightSelect render element to extract the contribution of individual lights.
- VRayDRBucket render element to show which machine rendered a given bucket in DR mode.
- VRayLensEffects render effect for producing glow and glare with support for obstacle images and diffraction.
- VRayExposureControl plugin for proper exposure of regular viewport and camera views.
- VRayStereoRig controller for easy stereoscopic setup.
- Shade maps for faster rendering of stereo images, DOF and motion blur through the VRayStereoscopic helper.
- Dispersion in the VRayMtl material, utilizing the new support for wavelength-dependent ray tracing.
- Support for bidirectional path tracing for accurate unbiased lighting solutions.
- Directionality parameter for rectangle V-Ray lights to turn them into (textured) spot lights.
- Dynamic loading of tiled OpenEXR textures through the VRayHDRI texture.
- Command-line tool for mass conversion of textures to tiled OpenEXR files.
- V-Ray specific light lister.
- Integration of the various V-Ray components in the 3ds Max "Create" menu.
- Tools for calculating and rendering accurate camera distortion through .lens files.


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